Sunday, May 15, 2011

1) Post 15 facts about yourself.

1.Lefthanded(kidal) ..and proud with this because only 10% people in this world are lefthanded,,.
PErlu ke bangge ye pasal nie??hahaa,,.xtaw lah,,..
2.Keturunan baNjar talent of singing play tennis,badminton,..else:so-so
5.pernah membotakkan kepala sampai licin berkilat
6.kuat tidor
7.sukar memulakan perbualan dgn org baru,,.
8.jarang marah,, bile skali da berapi,..rasekan letusannye,,.. minded
10.will show my true colours to peoplethat i suit with ;) so know me well child,..2 years-5 years
12.dislike to console people
14.shy2 CAT,,...hahaa

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